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White musk gazelle

White Musk Gazelle Animalic Natural Perfume 3 ml

 White Musk Gazelle Animalic Natural Perfume of the Sharif La Roche Collection. 

We have tried many different white musks, but this one is hands down the very best!! A subtle top note of Rose enveloped in a velvety rich White Musk...it is smooth, clean and fresh... A classic scent from the traditions of the East, it spells sophistication, elegance and splendor. 

White Musk Gazelle Animalic is a superb everyday afternoon and evening fragrance....recommended unisex. If you are a connoisseur of fine White Musk, then this is it. You will truly find this to be a true scent of the soul - a fine attar, most pleasing and exquisite to the ones who know fine aromatics...

Please note that this musk is slightly animalic, and is an ancient, traditional scent blended with fine roses from the Istambul region.

It has been related, "...Made in paradise a wide valley, in which He has created dunes of white musk."

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