About Us

Welcome to Agarscents Bazaar, Purveyors of Authentic Traditional Indian and Arabian Attars, Fine Fragrances & Accessories. We Specialize in the Finest 100% Pure Dhen Al Oudh, Pure Sandalwood, Genuine Ambergris Oil, Pure Deer Musk and Fine Rose (Wardh & Gulab). For charcoal burning, we carry high quality Agarwood and Sandalwood Chips and hand crafted Bakhoor. !

Agarscents Bazaar is proud to present unique French Arabian Art Parfums of the exclusive Sharif LaRoche Collection; Classic French Perfumery with Eastern Enchantment. Our Collection of Fine Distinguished Scents is now including Solid Cream Perfumes and Natural Eau de Parfum Sprays, and the 'Scent of Ages' Collection of hand crafted Incense Sticks and Cones.!
The essences at Agarscents Bazaar are based on natural ingredients, composed and hand crafted by a skilled perfumer. Some of these ingredients used are rare, some aged and some vintage throw backs, such as 1786 Ambre Gris Occidentale, Honey Honeysuckle Rose and Ambergris Reddish Brown. The exclusive line of 'Solide Parfum Naturel' perfume sprays and French Arabian Art Parfums are custom crafted by the perfumer and matured for scent proofing before being shipped out. This results in highly sophisticated Artisan Perfume Essences, each with an uniquely individual touch. Because of this time-honored art of perfuming, the processing of orders will take 3-4 business days to be fully prepared and shipped out.!