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White Musk Gazelle 3 ml-White Musk Perfume

White Musk Gazelle 3 ml-White Musk Perfume

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White Musk Gazelle - soothing, rich and musky. This musk is absolutely wonderful, words cannot do justice explaining the magnificence of this unique traditional oil - Eastern white musk enhanced with a veil of Istambuli Rose. Our white musk is 100% natural edible oil, and comes with many health benefits and uses. To ease physical and mental tension, white musk can be used as a massage oil by itself or blended with natural vegetal oils. As the use of white musk has been shown to have aroma therapeutic health benefits, it suits well for purification and enhancement of the atmosphere during spiritual ceremonies and to reach a higher state of consciousness during meditation.

Top Note: Rose Istambuli, Floral, Musky, slightly pungent & sweet

Mid Note: Slightly spicy, thick & rich consistency, pungent & lightly floral...Unassuming yet recognizably special.

Base Note: Ozonic, fresh & enduring--mellows into a warm musky scent that is positive and attractive.

It has been related, "Made in paradise a wide valley in which He has created dunes of white musk."

Encourages warm conversation and healthy interaction. An all time great and a true favorite of Agarscents Bazaar.


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