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Violets Forever 3ml Floral Scents

Violets Forever 3ml Floral Scents

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Violettes pour la Vie

Violets Forever


Parfums LaRoche

Violet, Rose, Vanilla, Pepper, Anise, Musk & Ambergris

Immensely sweet and intoxicating, the violet holds the magic power to momentarily take away one's sense of scent - only to be perceived once again, powdery, sweetly dry and ethereal. This aphrodisiac flower has over 200 names; "Flower of Modesty", "Hearts Ease", "Bullweed" and "Wild Pansy" to name a few. Violets have been seen as a symbol of love, purity and faithfulness and to protect against evil. This springtime blossom is found often in favorite compositions of vintage French Parfum, in which the fragrant violet is forever a scent of comfort, bringing back sweet memories of old fashioned charm, of lacey potpourri pillows in crisp linen drawers and violet flavored candies created from sun warmed violets gathered in flowering fields.

Violets Forever, intensely fresh and inviting, softly spiced with the warmth and depth of musk and ambergris, truly a heavenly scent to cherish. This Parfum will not only take your breath away, but keep you coming back to relive the sensation again and again.

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