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Temple Flowers Captivates Prince Kasthuri 3ml

Temple Flowers Captivates Prince Kasthuri 3ml

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Temple Flowers Captivates Prince Kasthuri

An essence of heavenly bliss, mesmerizing flowers of paradise, gold hued garlands, purple tinged tulasi, champaqa, and fine plumeria - delicately enhanced by rare Kasthuri Prince, a magnifi-scent audacious pure musk of exquisite royal quality.

... A prince charged with the duty, to become a king - with all the heavenly display before his feet, should not grieve, yet - the Prince of Purpose and Principles is beside himself fearing the coronation at hand, upon his many restless nights - changes his clothes to walk the gardens and forests to ponder his thoughts and find himself once again. But for a moment in peace and solitude spent of much meditation he finds his soul's calling, henceforth, he heads to the direction of the temple to seek advice, and further his meditation.

Within the temple's garden he's captivated by its essence of heavenly bliss, mesmerized by the flowers of paradise, gold hued garlands, purple tinged tulasi, champaqa, and fine plumeria.
He sits to continue his thoughts; in his mantra, and spiritual intoxication he utters (the words) a perfumed prose -

"...if all for not I'd run like the wind to a place, of quiet and peace, for not that I'd disavow my love for the wonders of life, but for the love of life would dully follow imitating the chords of this floral bouquet before me, and not of the worldly trappings of kingdom's court and chorus that follows (which is not for me) had I not but four legs, I'd swiftly this night disappear to furthest reaches of the kingdom sworn unto me, only to return at the dusk to this very place of solace to dance among the temple flowers; be it my wish, it is but better for me, than that of king. I would this very moment abdicate the throne for life, so that I may be free..."

... And so it became of him, or so it is said, for he'd never be seen again, but not for a gold sash, found in his stead. We'd have no trace of him, yet emanating from this royal sash the scent of Prince Kasthuri admidst the temple flowers does predominate, and so it was - the prince who never was to be king was never seen again, yet at dusk, within the temple's gardens, amongst the flowers of paradise Prince Kasthuri essence is there, only until sunrise bares the fruits, and the kasturi like essence fades into the winds to mingle amongst the temple's bouquet of effervescent,
ever enduring,
floral air.


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