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Rose Istambuli Turkish in White Musk Perfume 3ml

Rose Istambuli Turkish in White Musk Perfume 3ml

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Pure Rose scent, exquisite, precious and sophisticated...cradled in smooth, velvety White Musk for a most intriguing perfume...evoking memories of grand Turkish Hotels, where the ambiance is set by rose diffused air circulation...the cobble stone streets scattered with small cafe's where one can enjoy watching the colorful life of the bazaar with a cup of Türk kahvesi, strong cardamon and pistachio laced coffee, accompanied by small desserts with Rose Petal jam and Turkish Delight.

A most ancient and traditional Eastern scent, loved by men and women alike, Rose in White Musk is a perfect complement to the Connoisseur's collection of Oudhs, Musks and Ambergris oils...The scent of Rose is invigorating and set the atmosphere and awaken the senses, try our Pure Rose in White Musk - a most magical and intoxicating elixir indeed.As such, Rose Otto or "the attar of Roses", is one of the most sought after perfumery essences and prized due to the much critical way of harvesting and timed distillation.

To ensure the freshest, purest scent possible, the fine Rose petals are hand picked in the early morning before sunrise and distilled that same day. Since the rose blooms are naturally low in oil content, to distill one kilo of pure essential rose oil, 4000 kilos of rose petals are needed!


The Rose has been appreciated throughout history since ancient times in Greece, China, India, Persia and Roman Empire. The Chinese had been growing roses for thousands of years, some records of rose cultivation date back to the 11th century BC. Some of these roses began to reach Europe in the late 18th century. The aromatic value of the rose is highly regarded in perfumery, where it gives a penetrating and long lasting sweet note to compositions. The complex floral and exotic scent of rose has been seen as feminine, though in the Eastern cultures, both men and women use this fine fragrance by itself. Wearing rose would show the social rank of the person; in the early times the nobles, royalty and the affluent were the only ones who could afford to wear rose scent. Rose oil is also used as an emollient in skin care, and is appreciated for its mind calming and spiritually uplifting quality in aroma therapeutic applications.

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