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Rayhan Dans la Vallee de Kashmir 3 ml Natural Musk Oil 

Rayhan Dans la Vallee de Kashmir 3 ml Natural Musk Oil 

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The exclusive French Arabian Art Parfum of the LaRoche Collection of Fine Fragrances are masterfully composed signature scents by Sharif LaRoche, Perfumer par excellence. Like famous masterpieces of art by the great artists of times past, Art Parfum is Scent-ful Art of unique quality, full bodied with rich texture, depth and sophisticated classique. Oriental notes of warmth, woodiness and Eastern spice playfully intertwined with the aroma of Classic French Perfumery gives birth to one-of-a-kind pieces of long lasting quality, individuality and irresistible charm.

'Rayhan in the Valley of Kashmir' is a beautiful scent of Rayhan (Sweet Basil), Himalayan Lilies, Ambergris, Santal East Indian and Musk Kashmir.


The word Rayhan or Reyhan is derived from the Arabic رائحة 'rih' or 'riha' meaning 'odour', 'fragrance' and was originally used for the plant 'myrtle', not basil. 'Holy Basil' is mentioned in the Quran as the 'scented herb' referring to the sweet smelling plants given to Mankind. Rayhani also represents an Arabic calligraphy script, developed in the 10th century. The Arabic name has been taken into other languages as well; in Spanish 'Arrayán' or 'Rehan Tulsi' in India. The Holy Basil is an important symbol within Hindi religion, and used extensively for its medicinal and healing properties. The leaves of Tulsi are a nerve tonic, anti stress agent, useful for strengthening the memory, relieving influenza, cold, heart, stomach and respiratory ailments, as well as eye, teeth and skin disorders.

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