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Pheromone-4 Vedic 3ml Musk Perfume of the Shaman

Pheromone-4 Vedic 3ml Musk Perfume of the Shaman

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The ultimate aphrodisiac ... Pheromone-4... an original signature scent offered only at Agarscents Bazaar by the Sharif LaRoche Collection.

Three Rare Gems of Pure Musk in a mesmerizing composition with oceanic-musky Ambergris... the best from the animal kingdom on land and in water. The famous four of fixatives - scented treasures of natural amorous notes - Beaver (Castoreum), Civet, Deer Musk and Ambergris - are indeed hypnotizing, intense and seductive…

Try our Pheromone-4 and be enveloped in the ambiance of sensual delight, of pheromonous notes of enchantment and intrigue... and be aware of the affectionate attention that might ultimately follow.


Pheromone-4 VEDIC

Perfume of the Shaman

Truly an ethereal other worldly scent-sational experience that encompasses a well-balanced approach in regards to traditional perfuming - truly the essences of spiritual light that promote healing and resonates with positive energy, balancing, synergizing, altruistic. Through the annihilation of self, one may find his or her path which leads to steps of unity and oneness in all things. Though it is based upon oils of Ayurveda, it is masterfully crafted with clearly defined goals. The experience of which point to the fact that though all physical beings are reflective of positive and negative energy that over time transformation occurs, and we gravitate towards what's best, and what's meant for us. The essential essence of life lives on in our collective memories and reemerges through the passage of time. Pheromone-4 VEDIC may unlock the mysteries, aide in reimagining experiences via scent cues deeply embedded in our past. These cues prescribe to our higher self and its awareness is stimulated enhancing meditation, self-reflection and the inherent good.

Characteristics of Pheromone-4 VEDIC are synonymous with the positive light that is endemic to all... yet is forgotten. Adaptable to change in environment - it's balancing, holistic, it preserves, as we persevere through the challenges of our busy daily lives. Its healing properties are not in the abstract, but are a manifestation of being, seeing and knowing. A true perfume's complexity is best defined by its ability to repurpose and rejuvenate anti-cathartic properties. Though the Pheromone-4 VEDIC perfume is one of inner healing properties, it's not in lack of expressive and delightful olfactory performance, thus it is quintessentially the best of both worlds, homeopathic and metaphysical. Pheromone-4 VEDIC is absolutely charming, outwardly evocative and thought provoking and inwardly meditative, a true perfume and a medicine for the spirit - soothing, calming, bringing order to an often chaotic world and ushering order to focus. Robust, hot-cool, naturally alternating - befitting to the climate. Wear it with a smile and see positive souls do attract in the ways of the shaman.

~ Sharif Laroche


The word pheromone is derived from the Greek phero, which means “to transport”and hormone meaning “to stimulate”. Pheromones are chemicals that are secreted or excreted by an individual and can trigger certain behavioral or social responses in members of the same species. Alarm pheromones, food trail pheromones and sex pheromones affect behavior among many insects, vertebrates and plants, acting like chemical messengers between the individuals. The chemical, neurological and physiological responses by the recipients are natural innate reactions to these chemical signals. Sex pheromones emitted by males and females tell other individuals about their species, well being, reproductive ability, availability and desire. Certain substances, compounds and stimulants increase the level of sex hormones; aphrodisiacs of this type can be found in plants, herbs and animal substances - pure musk and true ambergris have been found to have aphrodisiac qualities, "pheromonal" activity, triggering physiological and behavioral responses by their natural odor.


The Civet is a small sized, slender omnivorous solitary mammal which is native to the tropical (southeast) Asia and Africa. Out of the dozen species of civet, the African (Palm) Civet (Civettictis civetta) is the most known, as this is the main species the civet musk used within perfumery comes from. The African Civet is uniquely recognized with black and white stripes and blotches, large hind quarters and an erectile dorsal crest. Names used for the Civet is "toddycat" in English and "musang" in Malay, though referring to the African Civet as 'civet cat' is misleading, as this animal is not a feline, but in fact related to weasels and mongooses.


The Musk Deer refers to one of the seven species that belong to the Moschus Moschidae, a smaller primitive deer compared to the cervid, or true deer. This type of deer is found in the Himalayas; Nepal, India, Tibet, China, Siberia and Mongolia. Moschids have longer hind legs than front legs and lacks antlers, but the male deer possesses tusk-like teeth and a musk gland. The substance with a pungent, penetrating odor produced by the musk gland “pod” of the Moschid is the actual pure Deer Musk.


Castoreum is referred to the yellowish secretion from the castor sac (scent gland) of the North American Beaver (Castor Canadensis) or the European Beaver (Castor Fiber) - two different types with different scent and appearance. This castoreum secretion helps the beavers keep their fur shiny and water repellent. Both male and female beavers use the pheromone laced castoreum mixed with urine to mark their territory. This secretion is known for its use within perfumery, medicinal use and as a food additive.

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