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Parfum Khan Natural Deer Musk Oil 3ml

Parfum Khan Natural Deer Musk Oil 3ml

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Le Parfum

The word "Khan" is of Central Asian (Mongolian) origin, and is the honorary title of a grand leader, (military) commander or ruler for a tribe, land or empire. As a mark of grandeur and nobility, the dignified leader of its people "the Khan" was upheld to almost divine stature, with omnipotent power and unquestionable authority.

Le Parfum KHAN is forceful, bold and flawless in character... spicy top notes with black cardamom rush the opening of the grand entrée of pure, sweet pheromone laced deer musk - irresistible rich and sumptuous - demanding your complete attention. Le Parfum KHAN is the self appointed supreme essence, not even the Kaiser, Tsar or Pasha can question its magnifi-scents... This is the ultimate musk essence for the Connoisseur of rare exotic misk parfum, but beware... its seductive, intoxicating aroma is not for the faint of heart.

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