Oudhy Pomme 3ml

Oudhy Pomme 3ml

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A crisp, fresh apple is the perfect summer time treat, so is the apple infused Oudhy Pomme from the Oudh and Fruit Collection. The scent of Apple is shown to be invigorating, stress reducing and relaxing for the mind, and it pairs wonderfully with Hindi Dhen Al Oudh for a robust, slightly spicy Mukhallat par excellence.

A wonderful Mukhallat of high quality with a modern day scent profile, and for the one unfamiliar with French Arabian Parfum, a great first introduction to European Classics with Eastern Enchantment...

- The French Arabian Oudh and Fruit Collection -
The Oudh and Fruit Collection, masterfully composed signature fragrances by our Perfumer Extraordinaire, comes as the natural choice of Wearable Essences. Enchanting perfumes suited for men and women, classic scents combined for individuality and sophistication.

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