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Oudhy Pêche 3ml-Agarwood Natural Oil

Oudhy Pêche 3ml-Agarwood Natural Oil

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The Oudh and Fruit Collection, masterfully composed signature fragrances by our Perfumer Extraordinaire, comes as the natural choice of Wearable Essences. Enchanting perfumes suited for men and women, classic scents combined for individuality and sophistication.

Brought to Persia by the merchants on the Silk Road from China, the sweet-tangy velvety "persica" of old, here introduced as the aromatic addition to Oudhy Pêche, a delicate balance of sweet and spicy, smooth and woodsy. A fresh, spice-like tanginess envelopes as this Mukhallat touches the skin, blossoms into a musky-herbal sweetness of flavorful fruit compote. As the senses get their scent-sory fill, the sweet Hindi Oudh develops, settles and gives stability and balance to the Mukhallat; bringing peace and contentment to the wearer.

The La Roche' Oudh and Fruit French Arabian Collection of Scents is offering everybody a chance to experience the magic of Aroma infused Art Parfum.

A wonderful unisex Mukhallat of high quality with a modern day scent profile, and for the one unfamiliar with French Arabian Parfum, a great first introduction to European Classics with Eastern Enchantment...

Oudh blends, makhloot or mukhallats, are mixtures of scents, essential oils or attars, which create sophisticated refined fragrances and perfume oils with the Eastern notes of bakhoor, spices and blossoms.

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