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Oudhy Civet Mukhallat 3ml Agarwood Natural Oil

Oudhy Civet Mukhallat 3ml Agarwood Natural Oil

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Oudhy Civet Mukhallat 3ml

A bold provocative multi layered timeless essence of antiquity -
luxurious, sophisticated, yet discrete
a cornucopia of richness and sheer delight
which displays a reservedness and confidence
which is unto you

A fine essence for true connoisseurs and the scent-fully aware
- rich mukhallat notes of fine oil of Agar -
herbs and spice, turmeric, cardamon and pepper,
followed by dry notes, floral notes of kamal and marigould
The civet musk is softened, yet accentuated,
with a combined ensemble of oudh

The irresistible aura of Oudhy Civet Mukhallat is a mark
of sophistication and art
encased in a flask,
a true signature fragrance for lovers
of fine Agar-scents.


The Civet is a small sized, slender omnivorous solitary mammal which is native to the tropical (southeast) Asia and Africa. Out of the dozen species of civet, the African (Palm) Civet (Civettictis civetta) is the most known, as this is the main species the civet musk comes from. The actual musk substance and scent produced by the male and female animals' perineal glands is also called 'civet', and is highly regarded as a fragrance and fixative within perfumery. The African Civet is uniquely recognized with black and white stripes and blotches, large hind quarters and an erectile dorsal crest. Names used for the Civet is "toddycat" in English and "musang" in Malay, though referring to the African Civet as 'civet cat' is misleading, as this animal is not a feline, but in fact related to weasels and mongooses.

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