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Orange Blossom & Bois D'Agar - Shafali - Sandali Gulab (3 x 1ml) Sample Set

Orange Blossom & Bois D'Agar - Shafali - Sandali Gulab (3 x 1ml) Sample Set

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We are giving everybody the opportunity to sample our bestsellers in smaller quantities...for a limited time. We are offering Orange Blossom & Bois D'Agar, Shafali and Sandali Gulab, three in one, in a Sample Set of 1ml each.

Uniquely different, and intended for use on different occasions, these scents are some of our most popular fragrances, suitable for men and women. Please check out our other Sample Sizes and Sets of our Favorite Scents! Try them all now, in practical pocket sizes at a price for all to enjoy!

*Orange Blossom & Bois D'Agar*

...Orange Blossom & Bois D'Agar (Agarwood), an exotic fragrance of Orange Blossom, Agarwood, Vanilla and Essence of Istambuli Rose.

Fresh, citrusy-orange scent with the complementing mid notes of soothing vanilla and exquisite Rose of Istambul, in a base of Oudh. Truly a favorite of the Sharif La Roche' Collection - Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Top note: Sweet Neroli (Orange Blossom)

Middle notes: Warm vanilla, Istambuli Rose Turkish

Base note: Agarwood/Spice


Unique, ancient blend of Rosa Damascena, Sandalwood Mysore and Agarwood.

The Rose used in this fragrance is made from slightly dried rose petals, which gives the scent a viscous and rich heart. A fragrance of simple elegance, yet so warm and wonderful, complex and auspicious. This is one of the Classics of Agar-scents, a fine everyday perfume, cherished by men and women alike.

Top Note: Floral Rose Damascus

Middle Notes: Warm woods, Vanillic

Base Note: Oudhy Spice

*Sandali Gulab*

Warm, soothing and delicately smooth...

Sandali Gulab, translated to "Rose-water of Sandal" if you may, is indeed a wonderful combination of two fine scents. Rose Perfume, distilled since Ancient Times from the treasured Roses of Cashmere and Persia, has a delightful scent, prized in the Royal Courts manifesting the social rank and wealth of the wearer.

Sandal-wood produces itself an odoriferous oil as well; buttery, woodsy and sweet, creating the most perfect cradle to hold the precious Rose.


Aug 08, 2014

This is my first experience with oudh's, which I've always wanted to try and although a bit heady at first, I find these perfume oils to be soft yet strong at the same time, warm and sexy. So nice that the seller included some extra drops of his other creations (and a little chocolate treat & incense stick), I know what I'll be buying next when these are used up (and I'll definitely be back for more!) since there are no alcohols or synthetics, a little drop last a long while. Very, very sexy and unique perfumes, love it, thank you so much

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