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Mukhallat Shuyukh-3-ml-Agarwood Oil Mukhallat

Mukhallat Shuyukh-3-ml-Agarwood Oil Mukhallat

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Expensive Amber Al-Makassar, Mixed Oud, Rose Taifi, Zafran (saffron) & pure Indian Red Musk composed with care.

Sample a fragrance which is world renowned to those who adhere to a higher calling. A magnificent, majestic and mystifying blend of the finest aromatics.

An elixir that is breath taking and exuberant... Superfluous top notes, well aged and mature base notes, coupled with a mid note that begs to be seen - throw caution to the wind with this fragrance, it is about you...and what's best within you... this is a scent for the individual who dares to be different...a true Oriental treasure.

....spicy woody sweet floral
Ambery musky woody -
Agarwoody, Sweet.

Recommend; Unisex, Masculine

A great mid-afternoon, evening fragrance

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