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Misk Al Wardh Supreme Perfume samples 1ml

Misk Al Wardh Supreme Perfume samples 1ml

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...Warm, Musky & Comforting

Misk al Wardh Supreme is of very high quality - a rare concentrated Musk oil infused with Rose (Ward). This exquisite mukhallat is not for the faint of heart, as the musk note is strong and enduring, deep animalic, a powerful scent to attract positive interaction and healthy conversation...

The whispering top note of Rose complements the Musk beautifully; as Yin to Yang, Day to Night, Feminine to Masculine...This scent is designed to be worn by men and women, as a mid afternoon to evening fragrance. This highly concentrated Musk Oil can be layered, or blended with other oils for individual scent preference.

For the one, who prefers a rosier, less animalic-musky version, this scent is also offered as Misk Al Wardh.

We are offering our Misk Al Wardh Supreme in a practical sample size of 1ml. Don't miss the opportunity to try this one-of-a-kind Parfum... satisfaction is guaranteed!

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