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Kopi Luwak Civet Coffee Essence 3ml

Kopi Luwak Civet Coffee Essence 3ml

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Civet Coffee Essence
A natural passion

A picturesque landscape, lush rain forests
rolling hills, mountains stacked one upon another-formed deep valleys,
quite a panoramic view-
a montage,
of wonder and enchantment -

Its canopy _ low-thick, majestic thunderous clouds-overhead,
low enough to be scooped with a ladle,
the clouds are seemingly held up by the skyline dotted by the age old trees,
obscures the vision
but not words natively spoken,
'Apa khabar' - How are you? ‘Khabar baik'- I am well,
‘Sihat, walafiyat' - Contentment and health
the kind words accompany a crisp yet gently poured cup of one of the worlds renowned coffees,
the aroma of which is as breathtaking as the scenic beauty before you.

And so the journey begins-
here, in a flask,
sample a scent of luxury
an essence equally valuable to the spirit,
satisfying, invigorating _ cafe arabica, ever so gently composed,
with florals of paradise, cardamon, cloves, wild raspberries, and a hint of chocolate,
smoothes the top, providing an essential accord of melodic proportions,
an ensemble of warmth, compassion and dedication,
nestled in the nutty aroma of almonds and nuances of sweet raisins

And freshly ground beans, procured from the rich volcanic soil of Sumatra
thereby a whisper of civet is the balance, and holds the base,
adding a wealth of texture and beauty unparalleled in a coffee based essential essence,
of which its efferve'scents will have you throwing caution to the wind
and undoubtedly coming back for just -


The Civet is a small sized, slender omnivorous solitary mammal which is native to the tropical (southeast) Asia and Africa. Out of the dozen species of civet, the African (Palm) Civet (Civettictis civetta) is the most known, as this is the main species the civet musk comes from. The actual musk substance and scent produced by the male and female animals' perineal glands is also called 'civet', and is highly regarded as a fragrance and fixative within perfumery. The African Civet is uniquely recognized with black and white stripes and blotches, large hind quarters and an erectile dorsal crest. Names used for the Civet is "luwak" in Indonesian and "musang" in Malay, though referring to Civets as 'civet cats' is misleading, as these animals are not felines, but are in fact related to weasels and mongooses.
The Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), also called "toddycat", is mottled black and grey with a white mask and patches over its face. The 'luwak' is known for the production of "kopi luwak", civet coffee, made from coffee beans that are passed undigested after the civet feeds on coffee cherries. This prized flavour of coffee is less acidic, smoother and unmistakably different from regular arabica... and a pound (0.45 kg) of this fine coffee can cost up to $600 or $100 for a brewed cup.


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