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Khalta Ateeq Oudhy 3 ml -Agarwood Oil Mukhallat

Khalta Ateeq Oudhy 3 ml -Agarwood Oil Mukhallat

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A Mukhallat of Grandeur, deeply agarwoody, ambery and floral, with subtle notes of Pure Musk and Spice. Aged Oud, Moattaq of high quality ("Ateeq"), has been infused into the Khalta, for a sophisticated, clean scent of Eastern Splendor. Truly a masterpiece and a magnifi-scent rich Oriental treasure...This Khalta "Ateeq" has been custom blended to be slightly oudhier than our regular Khalta "Ateeq", for the ones who like the stronger, deeper agarwood base.

Note: This Khalta Ateeq is blended with my most favorite and most expensive rose - "Rose Taifi" from Taif, a city in Saudi Arabia. It is the most precious floral scent in the Gulf worn by men and women alike. Rose Taifi sells for $400.00 for 3ml of top quality and is known for its aggressiveness, its tenacity and its sure mesmerizing aroma. There is no other rose in the world like would never guess that such a barren landscape could yield a treasure such as "The Rose Of The Desert" - Rose Taifi...

What is a Mukhallat of Arabian Perfumes? Oudh blends, makhloot or mukhallats, are mixtures of scents, essential oils or attars, which create sophisticated refined fragrances and perfume oils with the Eastern notes of bakhoor, spices and blossoms.

Try our Khalta "Ateeq" Oudhy by Artisan Perfumer Sharif LaRoche - an exclusive signature scent of Agarscents Bazaar, designed in 2006 which has become one of our favorites over the years. Satisfaction is guaranteed...!

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