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Khalta "Ateeq" 3ml-Mukhallat Oudh Oil

Khalta "Ateeq" 3ml-Mukhallat Oudh Oil

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... Mukhallat of Grandeur

A Mukhallat of Grandeur, deeply agarwoody, ambery and floral, with subtle notes of Pure Musk and Spice. Aged Oud, Moattaq of high quality ("Ateeq"), has been infused into the Khalta, for a sophisticated, clean scent of Eastern Splendor. Truly a masterpiece and a magnifi-scent rich Oriental treasure...

Khalta "Ateeq" is blended with one of the most favored and expensive roses - "Rose Taifi" from Taif, a city in Saudi Arabia. It is the most precious floral scent in the Gulf worn by men and women alike. Rose Taifi retails at $400.00 for 3ml of top quality and is known for its aggressiveness, its tenacity and its sure mesmerizing aroma. There is no other rose in the world like it... one would never guess that such a barren landscape could yield a treasure such as "The Rose Of The Desert" - Rose Taifi.


The 'Ward Al-Taifi', Taif Rose, is one of the most famous of all Roses in the world. Originally of Indian Origin, the legend has it that the Rosa Damascena Trigintipetala (30 petal blossoms) migrated into the rose plantations of Persia, and was later found cultivated in Taif in the 14th century.

The very intense and distinct fragrance of ‘Ward Al-Taifi’was given the name ‘Itr-i-Jahangiri’ by the mother-in-law of the fourth Mughal Emperor Jahangir. When Asmat Begum, credited with the discovery of "attar”, was making rosewater, she was amazed by the strong scent of the scum that formed over the rose petals. The Emperor was so overjoyed with this intense rose fragrance, that she named it in his honor.

It takes thousands of kilos of rose petals to make 1 kilo of Rose Taifi oil, and the precious petals have to be collected in the early morning before the sun rises, or the delicate rose essential oil will evaporate in the blooms. More than two centuries ago, the rose petals were packed, sealed and transported on camels 65 kilometers to Mecca, where the rose oil was distilled. Soon after though, distilleries were established in Taif, which made rose oil production more time efficient, less costly and made Ward Al-Taifi famous throughout the Arabian World.

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