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Kasthuri Flore Ottoman 3ml Rose Floral Scents

Kasthuri Flore Ottoman 3ml Rose Floral Scents

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The Kasthuri Flore' Ottoman goes on strong animalic and settles to a smokey-spicy muskiness, which lasts into a sweet pleasant musky dry down that lingers for hours. The spicy, aggressive classic Rose Otto complements the bold, rich Kasturi Musk beautifully - the Mukhallat of the two becomes supreme, a true Eastern Masterpiece. The high concentration of Kasthuri Ultimate will make one drop sufficient... it will last into the day and attract positive energy and stimulate healthy interaction.

The term "Musk" is referred to the penetrating animalic substance which is obtained from the musk gland of the male musk deer. The reddish brown musk paste the musk pod contains, is dried after harvesting, turning black and granular. The dried musk grains can be tinctured with alcohol or macerated in oil. The aroma of the tincture turns pleasantly animalic musky after the considerable dilution, a complex scent described as earthy and woody, animalistic or something akin to the odor of babies’ skin. Musk oil can be derived from the deer musk pod of the musk deer in Asia, the Tokapi deer and the Chinese musk deer, as well as from other animals, such as civet, beaver or muskrat, or from certain plants which contain substances similar to that of animalic musk.

Musk is a key component in perfumery, as it gives long lasting power to other scents while acting as a fixative. It has long been seen as an aphrodisiac, given the original purpose of the musk for the musk deer - to mark the male musk deer’s territorial boundary while attracting the females. The organic animal musk contains natural male pheromones, substances that stimulate the nervous system, influence libido, promote euphoria and instills self confidence while attracting the opposite sex. Musk is an aromatic, rare substance, highly pheoromonous by nature and an aphrodisiac by its animalic origin.

Pure Musk incorporates endless medicinal benefits. Musk is a dry, hot substance and has shown effectiveness when treating conditions of the respiratory system, weakness of the brain, epilepsy and psychiatric conditions. It is highly useful for cold weather chills, numbness or fatigue and has proven to be a good strength provider for the heart. In Ayurveda, musk is being used as a life-saving drug, beneficial for various cardiac, mental and neurological disorders.
The spiritual quality of pure musk is well documented. The aroma can have an immense effect on the central nervous system, it acts as a relaxing agent which can calm the mind, bring focus to meditation and prayer and elevate the senses to a higher realm transforming the mental and spiritual boundaries.

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