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Jardin de Shalimar Art Parfum 3ml

Jardin de Shalimar Art Parfum 3ml

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A splendid Mukhallat of Florals, Musk and Spice - Jardin de Shalimar is a lush composition of beauty, love and grandeur, reminiscing the Garden of Love, "Shalimar" built by the Emperor Jehangir, whose love for Kashmir was legendary.

As the gardens of Shalimar have been the inspiration for other gardens of the same name, the unsurpassed majestic beauty the gardens hold are unique to Shalimar alone, therefore when the Garden of Shalimar was completed, the Emperor was said to have recited the famous Persian expression;

"If there is a paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this."

A magnifi-scent Art Parfum of Splendor and Decadence ~ try Jardin de Shalimar, and be satisfied with its heavenly scent of Love and Compassion; rich, warm, spicy musky notes that intertwine and linger on the skin for your pleasure and for the enjoyment of the ones around you.

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