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Hindi Dhen Al Oudh Attar 3 ml Pure Oudh Oil

Hindi Dhen Al Oudh Attar 3 ml Pure Oudh Oil

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Hindi Dhen Al Oudh Attar

with fine Hindi Agarwood - Authentic fine wild harvested Hindi Dhen Oudh blended with Saudi Khalta.

A signature fragrance indeed, at an affordable price for all to enjoy. Pungent, Spicy, Slighty Sweet...warm and woody.

Due to over harvesting, pure Hindi Dhen Oudh is rare and next to impossible to find, and this type of agarwood is a favorite in the Middle East...a valued fragrance suitable for men and women


Agarwood oil is the core ingredient in Agarscents Bazaar's perfume oils, natural spray parfums, solid cream perfume and incense products. Agarwood is seen as an aphrodisiac when being burned as incense as well as in its oil form. Pure oudh oil holds wonderful medicinal benefits and healing properties for the body and mind when inhaled or ingested. The relaxing, calming and spiritually uplifting scent of oudh is unlike any other essential oil, and whether enjoying a pure Dhen Al Oudh by itself or within the composition of other essences in a mukhallat (mixture). Oud oil, distilled from the heartwood, has great sillage and complexity as an essential oil and brings an incomparable refinement to perfumery when added to musks, ambergris and florals and other woody scents.

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