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Egyptian White Nile Natural Perfume 3ml

Egyptian White Nile Natural Perfume 3ml

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Our Egyptian White Nile Perfume oil, inspired by the great river of ancient Egypt, is cooling and invigorating, a life giving drop of essence to calm, renew and refresh the spirit within. Sparkly white, and slightly opaque like the White Nile river, it rubs on smooth, shimmery and dewy, a unisex fragrance meant for everyday breezes of fresh air. For enhanced beauty, Rose of Sparta, Lotus and Jasmine has been infused, and for coolness, Vetiver, known for its invigorating and purifying properties bringing crispness and sophistication to the base.

This fragrance is a rich and full bodied signature perfume, for the ones seeking scents of individuality and complexity. A unique fragrance indeed, and a great introduction to French Arabian Art Parfum ~ French Classic Perfumery with Middle Eastern scent infusion from the culture and life of the East.

The White Nile of Egypt, its steady flow of waters contributed with the Blue Nile to become the aorta of Africa, the Nile River, which was the life blood of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The importance of the Nile was immense, it was part of the foundation of the ancient Egyptian religion and the source of economic stability, trade, transportation, and subsequently, pure existence of the desert land. The White Nile river, the longest of the two, was named as such due to the clay sediment suspended in the water, resulting in a light grey silvery color.

French Arabian Art Parfum, masterfully composed signature scents by LaRoche...Art Parfum is unique Scent-ful Art of high quality, full bodied with rich texture, depth and sophisticated classique. Oriental Notes of warmth, woodiness and Eastern spice playfully intertwined with the Aroma of Classic French Perfumery gives birth to one-of-a-kind perfume essences of long lasting quality, individuality and irresistible charm.


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