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Egyptian Musk Golden Anbar Superior 3ml

Egyptian Musk Golden Anbar Superior 3ml

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A true Gift of Value, the Egyptian Musk Golden Anbar is a warm, slightly spicy and musky mukhallat of Madagascar Vanilla, Clove, Pepper and sweet Lotus. Subtle hints of true Ambergris and a light Floral Bouquet completes the signature scent for a sensually enveloping fragrance.

The Egyptian Musk Golden Anbar Superior is the higher grade of Egyptian Musk Golden Anbar and is twice as potent in regards to concentration, scent longevity and silage. An everyday fine fragrance intended for men and women.



The scent of Egyptian Musk is known worldwide, it being one of the most loved fragrances dating centuries back. The origins of Egyptian Musk comes from the scent and oil production of Egypt, were ancient wall friezes depict women pouring oil from large vessels wearing scent cones on their heads and rubbing perfume on their bodies. The musky oils and waxes at the time were thick, so they could easily be applied with an attractive sheen, and the scent heavy enough so it would mask any unpleasant odors coming from daily life. The ancient Egyptian Musk derived its musk scent from the Civet and Musk Deer, which made the fragrance extremely pricey and made it only accessible to the affluent of society, and this highly prized perfume was placed in ancient tombs as a gift for the 'afterlife'. It is known that Queen Cleopatra of Egypt wore Egyptian Musk oil herself during her lifetime.


There are many different qualities and characters of Egyptian Musk, depending on the manufacturer or perfumer. The Musk of the Civet and the Musk Deer gave the musky note to Egyptian Musk, making the production costly and subsequently, the fragrance itself very expensive and rare. Frankincense and Myrrh resins were common ingredients in musk of ancient Egypt, as they soaked up the other ingredients of the fragrance and released the scent on the body slowly. Other scents included were most often Patchouli, Rose and Vanilla, giving the fragrance the alluring heavy notes of blossoms which make Egyptian Musk floral sweet, yet earthy and slightly spicy.

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