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DNA-5 Ayurvedic Natural Musk Solid Perfume Spray 10 ml


Is perfume coded in our DNA? And can DNA be positively alerted by scents, thus promoting health and stability? Does scent cues illicit thought responses cued by pre-existing codes related to instinct embedded in our DNA similar to fight or flight?

Can positive scents linked to DNA trigger autonomic responses that adjust hormone releases stimulating a pleasure experience or response subconsciously? Thereby triggering pheromonic releases that guide and attract others unknowingly to you?

The essential essence of life lives on in our collective memories and reemerges through the passage of time. Certain scents may unlock the mysteries, aide in reimagining experiences via scent cues deeply embedded in our past, perhaps linked to our DNA.

These cues prescribe to our higher self and its awareness is stimulated enhancing meditation, self-reflection and the inherent good. 

These are the mysteries of life that we will explore in developing a perfume that will attempt to recall hidden passed down traits of pleasing scents attached to DNA that shape personality thus positively release scent signatures as pheromones. All things have a beginning, and what better way exists in the exploration of scents and its evolution, before pheromones
is DNA.

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