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Dhen Rose Sparta Natural Floral Scents 3ml

Dhen Rose Sparta Natural Floral Scents 3ml

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Sparta, in Greek Doric called "Σπάρτα", or Lacedaemon, was a prominent city-state in Peloponnese of ancient Greece. The city of Sparta was named after one of the beautiful maidens of Greek mythology, regarded to be worth defending and protecting at all cost.

The word "Spartan" recalls thoughts of self disciplined strength and courage in the face of adversity, as well as austere simplicity of life. Spartan Rose, one of the highest regarded cultivated roses in the world, trails the famous Rose Tai'fi of the Middle East in its scent intensity and strength. As one of the most vigorous and tolerant roses, with very fragrant blooms, it is a wonderful coral red companion in a rose garden.

The scent of Dhen Rose Sparta is like a Rose in full blossom, the soft petals emitting the crispness and exquisite fragrance of freshness at its peak. This scent is most beautiful all by itself and a must have for the Collector of Rose Parfums, but lends itself wonderfully layered with woods and musks as well.

**Please Note - this is the A-grade of our Rose Sparta, pure and intensely rich in scent profile. For the ones who want a softer, more subdued rose fragrance we also offer the same Spartan Rose scent as our B-grade Dhen Rose Sparta, lower in price, yet flavorful and rosy and well worth its value. ($29.95/3ml)**


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