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Dhen Musk Maliki Supreme Natural Perfume 3 ml

Dhen Musk Maliki Supreme Natural Perfume 3 ml

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Dhen Musk Maliki Supreme, an Enchanting mystifying blend of Pure White Musk, Black Musk, Red Musk, Bakhor Essence and Agarwood. Dhen Musk Maliki Supreme is spicy, sweet, with light hints of Turkish Rose and Jasmine Sambac. A classic of the Sharif LaRoche Collection, truly a must-have for the Musk Connoisseurs of Fine Parfums.

This magical elixir is for the individual that dares to be different- spoil yourself or another with this magnificent essence and bring light to those who will have the benefit to sample its awe-inspiring aroma. This fragrance is irresistible with Genuine Superfluous Musk Notes that intertwine with the natural floral essence of Arabian Bakhoor. Curiously Complex, absolutely intoxicating, hypnotic, and addictive, go ahead - indulge and be satisfied.

The Musk Deer refers to one of the seven species that belong to the Moschus Moschidae, a smaller primitive deer compared to the cervid, or true deer. This type of deer is found in the Himalayas; Nepal, India, Tibet, China, Siberia and Mongolia. Moschids have longer hind legs than front legs and lacks antlers, but the male deer possesses tusk-like teeth and a musk gland. The substance with a pungent, penetrating odor produced by the musk gland “pod” of the Moschid is the actual pure Deer Musk.

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