Dhen Al Oudh Hindi White 3ml-Natural White Oudh Oil

Dhen Al Oudh Hindi White 3ml-Natural White Oudh Oil

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Hindi Dhen Al Oudh White -
a truly sophisticated Mukhallat which has all the spicy pungency of Hindi Agarwood without being too barnyard. Slightly sweet, warm and woody, floral, musky; its transparent color reveals a cornucopia of vibrant and intoxicating essences. Rich, luxurious and unique, unto itself, stands alone as a leader among mukhallats, recommended for the connoisseurs - the confident types, and the essence'tially aware.


White Oudh, an increasingly popular Arabian attar which has found its way into the Western hemisphere of fine fragrances, is in fact not an Agarwood oil or mukhallat of oudh in the traditional sense of the word. It does not incorporate the oil of Agarwood, but is merely a synthetic perfume oil mimicking the scent and nuances of oudh. These compound fragrance oils are not natural and low cost - although they may be well suited for the curious and those who have not experienced Arabian perfumery. However, they cannot be compared to the natural heavier, and more pungent, spicier scent profiles of Middle Eastern fragrances (mukhallats).

Our Artisan Perfumer has composed White Oudh using non synthetics, incorporating only genuine Dhen al Oudh, which gives this fine fragrance its natural scent profile and the complexity of true aloeswood oil, while maintaining the color and subtleties, for which it has become known for. This Designer Oudh is lightly oudhy, and has a musk like pungency, its dry down is warm, woody, sweet and fresh, an excellent everyday scent suitable for men and women.


Oud oil, distilled from the heartwood of the Aquilaria tree, has great silage and complexity as an essential oil and brings an incomparable refinement to perfumery when added to musks, ambergris, florals and other woody scents. Agarwood oil is said to have a calming effect on the mind and spirit, aiding to reach a higher level of consciousness and peace. Due to its mind calming properties it is therefore used extensively during meditation and prayer to heighten the concentration and focus. Oudh oil blends, makhloot or mukhallats, are mixtures of scents, essential oils or attars, which create sophisticated refined fragrances and perfume oils with the Eastern notes of bakhoor, spices and blossoms.

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