Cedar Musk 3ml Natural Musk Perfume

Cedar Musk 3ml Natural Musk Perfume

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Invigorating Cedar Musk, an amazingly classic scent made anew. It goes on musky-cedar woody, with a hint of sun warmed citrus to entice and awaken. To complete the signature scent, patchouli and vetiver are infused as a harmony of yin and yang for woody warmth and cooling freshness. This exclusive scent by Sharif LaRoche was first introduced in 2007, and has gained popularity over the years.

Recommended: Unisex

The spiritual quality of pure musk is well documented. The aroma can have an immense effect on the central nervous system, it acts as a relaxing agent which aid to calm the mind and bring focus to meditation and prayer and elevate the senses to a higher level transforming the mental and spiritual boundaries.
Musk is a key component in perfumery, as it gives long lasting power to other scents while acting as a fixative, and by its natural fierce scent profile. It has long been seen as an aphrodisiac, given the original purpose of the musk for the musk deer - to mark the male musk deer’s territorial boundary while attracting the females. The organic animal musk contains natural male pheromones, substances that stimulate the nervous system, influence libido, promote euphoria and instills self confidence.


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