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Rose Ispahan 3ml

Rose Ispahan 3ml

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Exclusively from the Sharif LaRoche Collection...

Beautifully composed with Rose Damascena Old, East Indian Sandalwood, Agarwood & Spice

Top note: Rose Damascena Old

Middle notes: Woody, Warm Sandalwood, Vanillic Sweet

Base note: Agarwood, Spice

Simplistic, but complex, this aroma is warm and wonderful. Elegant and Auspicious; simply said "positive and very, very nice". A comforting scent of gourmand, textured with soft Oriental notes, most pleasing to the wearer and the ones who comes into his/her presence.

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What is a Mukhallat of Arabian Perfumes? Oudh blends, makhloot or mukhallats, are mixtures of scents, essential oils or attars, which create sophisticated refined fragrances and perfume oils with the Eastern notes of bakhoor, spices and blossoms. Try our Agar Musk by Artisan Perfumer Sharif LaRoche - an exclusive signature scent of Agarscents Bazaar, 'Agar Musk Black' designed in 2006. This is the Original Mukhallat that inspired the versions of Agar Musks that followed... incomparable to none.


Mar 25, 2015

"A lovely and beautiful rose scent!"


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