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Bakhoor Sultan 12g

Bakhoor Sultan 12g

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Our Favorite Bakhoor...Try it for yourself...Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

Sweet & Spicy, Exotic & Rich


"Agarwoods Whisper, Spirit of Ages.
Times Past Scents, Present.
Whispers, Radiant Gifts, Lovely Wisdom."

~Sharif LaRoche


Made by hand using only the finest ingredients, including Agarwood chips, spices and florals.

Bakhoor is a superior home fragrance and air freshener, made from wood chips (mainly agarwood/aloeswood or sandalwood) which have been soaked in fragrance oils, spices, resins, musks or other fragrant natural ingredients. The word "bakhoor" or "bukhoor" translates to "incense" in English and comes from the Arabic "bukhar", meaning steam, vapor or fume. It is burned atop charcoal in an incense burner, to emit smoke which holds the fragrance that will scent the space. Bakhoor has been used for centuries in Middle Eastern countries for special occasions and social gatherings, such as weddings and parties. It is also used for scenting clothes and furnishings and passing the mabkhara (burner) is a sign of hospitality by the host to the guest.

To create a relaxing, soothing atmosphere, and to encourage positive healthy interaction and meditative peacefulness, try our Bakhoor 'Sultan'. This bakhoor is so fragrant, that only a pinch is needed to scent your room, office or store.

***As with anything being burned on an incense burner, caution should be taken. Turn off electric burner after finished use, keep burners and hot charcoal out of the hands of children at all times. When chips and bakhoor have been burned down, discard the burnt residue and ashes and replace with new pieces.***


Agarwood is used mainly for incense burning and perfumes, as its odor is highly complex and spiritually and psychologically pleasing and has great cultural and religious significance since ancient times. It has been mentioned extensively in the ancient Sanscrit Vedas of India, in third century AD Chinese chronicles, in eight century Muslim Sahih as well as the Ayurvedic medical text of Susruta Samhita. The burning of agarwood is said to have a calming effect on the spirit and mind, aiding to reach a higher level of consciousness and peace.

The burning of Agarwood for its medicinal benefit has been used extensively in Chinese Medicine, as the healing properties of Agarwood have shown to strengthen the heart, aid to subside respiratory infections and can be used as a sleeping aid for terminally ill patients. Within Feng Shui, it is believed that burning Oudh can attract positive energy, Qi, or even turn negative energy into positive energy, thus improving mind and health, ward off evil and bring success to your life. In many cultures, the scent of burning Agarwood is believed to be an aphrodisiac, therefore women scent their clothes, hair and bodies with the aromatic, pleasantly warm and woody fragrant smoke of oudh.

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