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Ambergris white blackberry 3ml

Ambergris White Blackberry Natural Perfume 3 ml


We are proud to present a most intriguing line of Ambergris Scents - the White Gold of the Ocean lends itself beautifully for Gourmet Art Parfums; rich, flavorful fruit compotes with a soothing base of Ambergris.

It is known for its flavorful properties in fine cuisines and delicatessen - the new Ambergris Gourmet Collection will leave you olfactory satisfied but coming back for seconds... Plump Blackberries in sweet, earthy Ambergris will make for a most fragrant treat - for all who love the rich, fulfilling taste of Northwest blackberries, sun ripened and picked at the peak of their freshness, this most enticing Art Parfum will become your favorite scent for everyday freshness and sunny memories.

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