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Ambergris royale 3ml

Ambergris Royale Natural Perfume 3ml


A Most Splendid Mukhallat of Ambergris fit for a Caliph...the subtle addicting sweetness of white Ambergris, naturally animalic musky, has been perfectly intertwined with Opium and Iris, seductive and mysterious. As the exotic floral top notes subside, the presence of Pure Musk and Chocolate is felt, underscoring the creme like earthy sweetness of the ambergris, leaving one pleasantly scentsually satisfied.

Designed for Royalty, but intended for All, the Ambergris Royale is the aromatic counterpart to the exquisite beauty of a perfectly cut diamond... Long lasting and inquisitive, the scent will have you returning, to ensure its presence... as this fragrance will surely be noticed and inquired about... Ambergris Royale, the Art Parfum par excellence.

Ambergris Royale, designed exclusively for Agarscents Bazaar by Sharif Laroche, was launched in 2006, and became quickly one of our bestsellers that year and for many years to follow. Since then, many versions of 'Ambergris Royal' scents have been created and offered for sale, riding the ambergris craze Agarscents started at the time with the introduction of Artisan "Art Parfums" with the exclusive Laroche signature scents Dhen al Ambergris "White", Indian Ocean Ambergris, Ambergris White Gold and Ambergris Royale to name a few. However, the unique characters, the authentic, rare ingredients and delicate perfume compositions were never duplicated, leaving the Original Agarscents' Parfums unparalleled in quality and rarity - intended for the Connoisseurs of Fine Fragrances and the scent-sually aware.

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