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Ambergris D'orient Natural Perfume 3 ml

Ambergris D'orient Natural Perfume 3 ml

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Soothing, musky sweet with exotic floral top notes, caressed by Ambergris White - indeed a luscious scent exclusive of the Sharif LaRoche Collection. The infusion of Lotus makes this composition rich and invigorating - the aphrodisiac qualities within this sacred flower is most seductive...the musk enhances the floral veils, making it deeply aromatic and intense.
For the ones who love Ambergris Scents, and the ones looking for a uniquely delicate and euphoric fragrance, try Ambergris de Orient and evoke your senses on a journey of scentsational delight.


"Ambergris has an unusual odor which is difficult to explain to anyone who has never had the pleasure of its sensual aroma. Ambergris is often described as being musky and having a sweet earthy aroma unlike any other, or a mossy fragrance reminiscent of the damp forest floor. Depending on the quality of the ambergris there can be a great variation in the fragrance. Poor quality or fresh ambergris (which is black and sticky) is fairly offensive in fragrance. If you can imagine scented cow dung you will be on the right track. Many people expect ambergris to have a very strong or foul odor, but this is not the case. In general, lighter coloured pieces of ambergris have a subtle, pleasant smell. The base animal (manure) odor fades as the ambergris cures. However, the white and grey varieties, in particular, possess the subtle, sweet addictive aroma that beachcombing dreams are made of."

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