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Ambergris de Paris Metropolitan Natural Perfume 3ml

Ambergris de Paris Metropolitan Natural Perfume 3ml

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New and Exclusive from the Sharif Laroche Collection

of Authentic Ambergris Scents…

Ambergris d'Paris Metropolitan



Dressed to impress and always in the moment, never lowering your standards nor your gaze, your eyes are wide open., setting high expectations and making the most of opportunities., suave and cool under pressure, reveling in the dynamics of life. The concrete jungle is a wonderland of sorts where city chic meets Monsieur De bon air, the air of importance is its symbolisms.

Paris, the city of color, passion and prestige, that leaves no one indifferent.
Under Hausmannian facades of buildings from another time, life is carefree in Parisians' eyes.
Lyon's silks, calicoes of Alsace, paintings of Flanders or woollens of England, truly a remarkable multi-cultured woven fabric, which harkens back to a bygone royal era.

Symphony Orchestras, theatres, museums, salons du parfums and sniffapaloozas all in the bouls of the city. A place where confidence becomes you in a sprawling metropolis. For time is of the essence, and the essence is Ambergris d'Paris Metropolitan: It elicits self-confidence and embodies and carries the positive vibes and aromatic cues, that impart the distinctive qualities distinguished with elegance and sophistication cultivated by the cosmopolitan approach, carefully crafted characteristics of useful Parisian urbanism, seen through a
prism. A microcosmic multi-cultured kaleidoscope-opathy metropolitanesque spherical zen of relative properties.

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