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Ambergris al ambre 3ml dark art parfum agarscentsbazaar

Ambergris Al Ambre Mukhallat Perfume


Rich Texture, Depth & Irresistible Charm

Ambergris Al Ambre Mukhallat Perfume

As another wonderful addition to the Collection of French Arabian Art Parfum, comes Ambergris Al Ambre, Oriental notes of warmth, woodiness, spice and zest playfully intertwined.

High quality Amber has been infused into oceanic Ambergris - a Mukhallat with rich texture, depth and irresistible charm.

The strong personality of the two core ingredients complement each other beautifully, giving Ambergris
Al Ambre a sophisticated character and full bodied rich texture.

The marine like Ambergris blows a fresh, cool breeze into the subtle, warm woody base and the result is marvelous...enticingly inquisitive and invigorating...truly a scent-sational treat.

Indulge in the magnificent Essence of Ambergris Al Ambre...olfactory pleasure and satisfaction guaranteed.



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