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Amber Rose - Rose Ispahan - Egyptian Musk Superior Perfume Sample set (3 x 1ml)

Amber Rose - Rose Ispahan - Egyptian Musk Superior Perfume Sample set (3 x 1ml)

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We are giving everybody the opportunity to sample our bestsellers in smaller quantities...for a limited time. We are offering Ambre Rose, Rose Ispahan and Egyptian Musk Superior, three in 1, in a sample set.

Uniquely different, and intended for use on different occasions, these scents are some of our most popular fragrances, suitable for men and women.

Try them all now, in practical pocket sizes at a price for all to enjoy!

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Rich, spicy-woody scent veiled with a slight rosy top note...truly a great everyday fragrance for anyone that loves ambery scents. Goes on smooth and rich, with a warmth that lingers for hours, thus making Ambre Rose a nice companion for cooler evenings. Try this exotic woody floral scent of the Sharif LaRoche Collection of mukhallats, and feel the invigorating yet soothing fragrance of Amber bring you calm and satisfaction.

Top note: Invigorating Indian Rose

Mid note: Bakhoor & Spice

Base note: Rich Amber


Exclusively from the Sharif LaRoche Collection... Beautifully composed with Rose Damascena Old, East Indian Sandalwood, Agarwood & Spice

Top note: Rose Damascena Old

Middle notes: Woody, Warm Sandalwood, Vanillic Sweet

Base note: Agarwood, Spice

Simplistic, but complex, this aroma is warm and wonderful. Elegant and Auspicious; simply said "positive and very, very nice". A comforting scent of gourmand, textured with soft Oriental notes, most pleasing to the wearer and the ones who comes into his/her presence.

Satisfaction is guaranteed!


This most well known scent is produced in India - by the finest perfumers in the world. Intended to be an affordable unisex fragrance, it has quickly become one of our fastest selling scents.

Sweet, softly floral and musky, it is a great everyday fresh fragrance for all to enjoy.

Recommend Unisex; mid afternoon to evening fragrances...creating a relaxing ambiance and encourages healthy interaction.

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