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Amber Musk Ultimate 3ml - Arabian Perfume Oil

Amber Musk Ultimate 3ml - Arabian Perfume Oil

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Fine amber of the royal series and fine Indian red musk... not a simple fragrance, but the composition of an olfactory masterpiece of centuries past, now in the present, for the lovers of fine Ancient scents. Well composed, well balanced and readied for the ones of higher thoughts and interests.

Warm ambery, rich, spicy and deeply musky... Amber Musk Ultimate... intended for men and women.

Amber is a mixture of natural herbs, woods, gums and spices with its core essence originating from the tree liquidamber orientalis, a deciduous tree. A cross section of the tree which has been invaded by fungus causes the tree to react and in a defense mechanism resulting sap production. Another method of cultivation where a cross section of the tree has been artificially induced with fungus which results in resin production. This section of the tree, a semi solid mass laden with sap is removed and distilled and a yellowish liquid is extracted. The resin compound is known as succinic acid which is a chief component in amber essential oil. Although this liquid component is derived from the tree itself, it is not the final product. The final product undergoes manufacturing in which other essential components are added.

amber oil was produced for the purpose of ayurvedic medicine and at some point in time became an ingredient used in perfume. The final product was a closely guarded secret from family to family and region to region, meaning that amber oil produced in the North may smell completely different than of one in the West, or even different than one produced within the same comparable region, as final characteristics may depend on the 'Attarwallah', or perfume master, or in Arabic 'Attarji'.


The differences may vary from region to region and ingredient compositions, it's unlikely to say one is better than another, as the final product is determined by the hand of its chief composer. However, color differences are often visible - some being reddish, others orange, fire engine red and black. The olfactory notes are that of camphor, balsamic slightly sour vanillic herbal as in spikenard and grassy woody mossy as in vetiver, floral herbaceous as in saffron, vanillic as in vanilla and labdanum, frankincense and styrax.


The base oil often varies, as you may find varying degrees of preference or knowledge and availability, with some claiming safflower seed oil base, others using mineral oil. My personal preference is a Sandalwood Mysore base oil which attenuates the fragrance thereby reducing the sourness and adds a fine woody sweet characteristic to the final product.


No, they are not the same thing; amber is a resin and concoction of a number of essential essences, composed to create the final product, while AMBERGRIS is a semi solid waxy substance ELIMINATED by the sperm whale. This waxy substance is referred to as float, and it’s comprised of squid beaks and other indigestible materials expelled by the sperm whale. This mass hardens in the salt water due to oxidization from heat, sun and salt and washes ashore or floats for periods of time in the ocean. When collected it is evaluated for quality by a set of principle standards; location, age, color and texture. Ambergris is found in a range of colors, such as white, grey, gold, reddish and black; the black variety being the lowest quality due to its softer, more pungent and fecal nature; however produces a fine attar. Some may judge quality by its smell, not the color alone, and the sweeter the better.


Amber’s chief anabolic compound is succinic acid, an extraction when undiluted is most potent. However, there are risk in applications in its undiluted form, therefore it is most advisable to seek professional health and dietary experts regarding its potential use. It should be noted that dilution, a common practice, appears to carry equal benefits.

WHAT I FIND MOST INTERESTING is the health benefits of amber resemble similarly with that of Musk Deer oil, in that both are soothing, reduce rapid heart beat, heart flutter and palpitations, calm the mind and open the heart to higher thought and meditation, spiritual reflection and balance. Curative properties are internal and external - antioxidant and antimicrobial, reduces scarring and aides in tissue regeneration, assists the function of the liver, and its topical use on damaged tissues are known to be that of a pain reliever.


A food additive in many East Asian cuisines and desserts


Skin and Hair tonic, Amber Parfum Powder, and Amber solid parfum cream and rub.

MASSAGE OIL, Ayurvedic health remedy, and bath soak.

RUH AL AMBER succinic acid, the 'spirit of amber' is known in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Hindi, as the Soul of Amber, and can be translated to mean the 'heart of amber'. The use of Arabic to define Amber is more than likely due to the Moghul influence in northern India, where Arabic-Farsi script was the lingua franca at the time; hence its introduction to the whole of the Indian subcontinent explains the inclusion into the greater Indian and Hindi Diaspora and Sanskrit speakers.

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Artisan Perfumer Sharif LaRoche

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