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Amber Al Oud Natural Perfume 3ml

Amber Al Oud Natural Perfume 3ml

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... Deeply Woody Aromatic

High Grade Amber carefully blended with Agarwood and Essence of Bakhoor...Rich, woody and Robust.

Amber Al Oud, one of the classic scents of Agar-scents, is composed of bold, spicy yet fresh Amber and deep Agarwood - two complementing notes that give this signature scent its unique character and strength. As a playful top note, Essence of Bakhoor is added to bring Eastern spices and floral notes to the earthy base, completing the signature scent. Amber, in itself being a scent composed from many different ingredients, lends itself beautifully for layering with Oudhs, Fruit and Floral Essences and Eau de Parfum Sprays.

For the ones that love to indulge in Eastern style scents for an olfactory satisfaction, or the ones that never tried a French Arabian Art Parfum... our Amber Al Oud is magnificent, uplifting and offered for sale at a lowered price for a limited time.

One of the bestsellers of Agarscents Bazaar and truly one of our favorites.

Recommended Unisex - mid afternoon to evening fragrance

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ما شالله
Smells great. Plus a freebie💕