Agar Musk 3ml - Buy Natural Musk Perfume Oil Online

Agar Musk 3ml - Buy Natural Musk Perfume Oil Online

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Thick, rich, sweet, mildly pungent. Agarwood, which is highly valued for its unique aroma, its awe inspiring characteristics and association to the Divine, is widely used among the religious scholars and sages of times past. What makes this such an exceptional compilation is that it is blended with rare Indian Deer Musk. This combination is an Old Indian Classic, which you will not find these days, partly because true Indian Deer Musk is not currently on the market.. and this Combo will not work with the inferior grades of Chinese farm raised musk...

True Indian Deer Musk is the scent of paradise, the scent that brings equilibrium and balance... its restorative qualitites accentuated with inner peace and thought. When blended with fine Agarwood Oil -the two produce an aroma that is marquee; majestic and magnifi-scent. So sample the essence of yester-year, and may you find peace and light, and come to understand the difference between quality and inferiority...truly a fragrance for the connoisseurs and those of fine taste in Agar-scents....


May 15, 2014

"So far my favorite of your scents!!!"

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