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Amber Al Oudh / Agar Musk / Egyptian Musk Superior (3 X 1 ml)

Amber Al Oudh / Agar Musk / Egyptian Musk Superior (3 X 1 ml)

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We are giving everybody the opportunity to sample our bestsellers in smaller quantities...for a limited time. We are offering Amber Al Oudh, Agar Musk and Egyptian Musk Superior, three in 1, in a sample set.

Uniquely different, and intended for use on different occasions, these scents are some of our most popular fragrances, suitable for men and women.

Try them all now, in practical pocket sizes at a price for all to enjoy!

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Amber Al Oudh

High Grade Amber carefully blended with Agarwood and Essence of Bakhoor...Rich, woody and Robust.Our deep Amber is enriched with Agarwood, for a woody base that complements the bold and fresh Amber beautifully, giving it character and strength. As a playful top note, Essence of Bakhoor is added to bring Eastern spices and floral notes to the earthy base, completing Amber Al Oudh's signature scent.

Agar Musk

True Indian Deer Musk is the scent of paradise, the scent that brings equilibrium and balance... its restorative qualitites accentuated with inner peace and thought. When blended with fine Agarwood Oil -the two produce an aroma that is marquee; majestic and magnifi-scent. So sample the essence of yester-year, and may you find peace and light, and come to understand the difference between quality and inferiority...truly a fragrance for the connoisseurs and those of fine taste in Agar-scents.

Egyptian Musk Superior

This most well known scent is produced in India - by the finest perfumers in the world. Intended to be an affordable unisex fragrance, it has quickly become one of our fastest selling scents.

Sweet, softly floral and musky, it is a great everyday fresh fragrance for all to enjoy.

Recommend Unisex; mid-afternoon to evening fragrances...creating a relaxing ambiance and encouraging healthy interaction.


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