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Timbuk2 3ml -Sharif Laroche Art Parfum (Perfume Trip to Timbuktu)

Timbuk2 3ml -Sharif Laroche Art Parfum (Perfume Trip to Timbuktu)

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Perfume Trip to Timbuktu



... Whispered Words of Wisdom

The hot Sahara Winds carried Whispered Words of Wisdom which whisked wildly through the Wadi......Kidal, Bamako, Timbuk2...

Hearken back to a time and its past scents, which traversed the majestic dunes in a desert landscape of which once at its height was the seat of possibility, knowledge, wealth and tolerance...Yet oceans of times past have yielded unto a sea of change and all of which was unfolded upon the mighty ships of the desert - a familiar yet reliable beast of burden where essences of Paradise crisscrossed humbling paths, where men of stubborn courage traded such scents the world of now would do much to behold...

A fluttering cornucopia of colors bedecked the ships, enveloped in striking display fluttering in the Sahara winds, shimmering blues, turquoises and pearls of white, those stretched upon caravans provided a contrast of arrayed waves of ships so mighty the sands of time could not halt...Though the sea has changed, yet what was still remains, against the back drop of a now desolate route once laden with scented gifts and treasures from afar.

The cornucopia of colors so vivid, yet lucid the memories of shimmering blues and pearls stretched as far as the eye can see, which tempered the vast Sahara... Once again set forth the mighty Sahara Winds, which carried Whispered Words of Wisdom which whisked wildly through the Wadi...Seemingly spoken to oneself, yet well heard by the ship of the desert, alone his most trusted friend, for that lump, on many a forte night, the hump upon that burdened beast kept his most valued cargo aloft - if for nothing else, so his love may not be lost, so they sailed the sea of sands together as most trusted friends.

The hump of gold a Mast, which casts an ominous shadow upon the desert floor likened to a compass showing the forward way, so he may be united with his passions once more...Legions upon legions of desert ships shimmer and shake down the desert paths, its lone riders bob and weave in the hot Sahara desert winds similarly as gulls of the sea.

Upon reaching the way point the Sahara winds once again carried echoing words with salutations of Salaam, bespoke of treasures of fine spices, essences and fine perfumes...And to that end, a warm embrace followed the majestic and kind words with outstretched hands bearing gift to the ever patient Beloved...


Timbuk2 - Dhen Oudh Kyara Cambodi, Fine Musk, Aged Amber, Ambergris, Bakhoor & Essence of Smoke, Tangerine, Fig, Rich Toasted Coconut, Cardamom and seven exotic essences. -

- by Your Poet Artisan Parfumeur Sharif LaRoche -

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