Pheromone-4 l'Ultime Narcisse 3ml

Pheromone-4 l'Ultime Narcisse 3ml

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Pheromone-4 l'Ultime Narcisse

Sample the scent of luxury: Art, sophistication, personality and style - the penultimate essence that draws in positive light and reflects inner beauty, radiant, ever enduring, everlasting beauty.

Pheromone-4 l’Ultime Narcisse is profoundly the essence that captivates you, for it’s all about you - fixating, mesmerizing, spurning images of positive reflections and deep contemplative thoughts. You may wear this essential essence with pride knowing there is nothing like it, and nothing like you, have no disdain for those who cannot understand, wear it with pride, throw caution to the wind, for it’s only the aura of beauty personified.

In confidence dare to be different, dare to be you.

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