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Pheromone-4 Flore Natural Perfume 3ml

Pheromone-4 Flore Natural Perfume 3ml

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The ultimate aphrodisiac ... Pheromone-4... an original signature scent offered only at Agarscents Bazaar by the Sharif LaRoche Collection.
Three Rare Gems of Pure Musk in a mesmerizing composition with oceanic-musky Ambergris... the best from the animal kingdom on land and in water. The famous four of fixatives - scented treasures of natural amorous notes - Beaver (Castoreum), Civet, Deer Musk and Ambergris - are indeed hypnotizing, intense and seductive…
Try our Pheromone-4 and be enveloped in the ambiance of sensual delight, of pheromonous notes of enchantment and intrigue... and be aware of the affectionate attention that might ultimately follow.

Pheromone-4 Flore'

a sensually intoxicating treasure - the pheromonous heart enhances the exotic bouquet of fragrant blossoms to make this a deeply aromantic olfactory experience...

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