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Pheromone-4 O'Du Cougar Natural Musk Perfume 10 ml

Pheromone-4 O'Du Cougar Natural Musk Perfume 10 ml

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Pheromone-4 O'Du Cougar  Natural Musk Perfume 

Caressing, contemplative, passionate and persuasive, allustrious and alluring; this is the essence of seductive charm for the one whom is confident and assured, seeks passion in all things in life and is the definition of passion in doing all things. For daring to be you is only natural, so why not take a bit of nature's choice essence as it complements you, bringing life to the elements.

Oriental Blossoms are masterfully composed with pheromones to persuade and attract. An animalistic aphrodisiac scintillating hot-cold effervescent parfum of distinguished complexity; Pheromone-4 O'du Cougar is intended for the individual who unabashedly-unapologetically sets standards and achieves their goal.

Notes of Enchantment -

Pheromone-4 O'Du Cougar  Natural Perfume 



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