Ambergris Al Oud 3ml - Arabian Oud Perfume Oil

Ambergris Al Oud 3ml - Arabian Oud Perfume Oil

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Ambergris Al Oud, a golden rich, oceanic woody warm and inviting composition with genuine Ambergris White and fine Agarwood. The sweet, intensely oceanic, slightly damp and musk like quality of Ambergris - used as a fixative in fine perfumes for centuries - intertwine with the richness of Agarwood in Ambergris Al Oud, making for the most intriguing, deeply aromatic scent experience - olfactory pleasure par excellence.

Ambergris Al Oud is a must have for any Connoisseur's Collection of Fine Mukhallats. It is a Classic Fragrance of the Sharif LaRoche Collection, a favorite Agar-scent and has become one of our bestsellers.

Due to sperm whale's inability to digest sharp squid beaks, it produces ambergris, an intestinal secretion which protects the stomach lining of the whale. This secretion hardens and is expelled as waste by the whale and can be found floating in the waters where the sperm whales reside; off the coasts of Africa, New Zealand, the Mid East and South East Asia. Since the demand of rare ambergris far outweighs the production - only a mere 1% of the male sperm whales produce ambergris - finding genuine ambergris washed ashore will soon be a thing of the past.


Agarwood oil is the core ingredient in Agarscents Bazaar's perfume oils, natural spray parfums, solid cream perfume and incense products. Agarwood is seen as an aphrodisiac when being burned as incense as well as in its oil form. Pure oudh oil holds wonderful medicinal benefits and healing properties for the body and mind when inhaled or ingested. The relaxing, calming and spiritually uplifting scent of oudh is unlike any other essential oil, and whether enjoying a pure Dhen Al Oudh by itself or within the composition of other essences in a mukhallat (mixture). Oud oil, distilled from the heartwood, has great sillage and complexity as an essential oil and brings an incomparable refinement to perfumery when added to musks, ambergris and florals and other woody scents.


Apr 25, 2014

"Lovely scent (I've gotten lots of compliments) and quick delivery - thank you!"

Feb 15, 2015

"This is a beautiful fragrance and I bought it based on reviews by several others. This is my first time trying this shop's perfumes and I am thrilled with the quality of their products. The fragrance Ambergris Al Oud is a lovely combination of fine ambergris and oud, and has is long-lasting on my skin with a bit of a powdery note, without being too loud. I find it exquisite! I have shared a small sample with a friend who also absolutely loved it. The customer service of this company is also outstanding. They are personal and generously sent me some samples with my order, and even took the time to send an extra sample I had requested separately in the mail--this one was Dhen Musk Orris Solide and I will be ordering a full bottle of that. Thank you so much, and you have a long-time client!"

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