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Le Vetiver Classic Art Parfum 3 ml


French Arabian Art Parfum, masterfully composed signature scents by Sharif La Roche', Perfumer par excellence...Like famous masterpieces of art by the great artists of the Renaissance, Art Parfum is Scent-ful Art of unique quality, full bodied with rich texture, depth and sophisticated classique. 

Oriental Notes of warmth, woodiness, spice and zest playfully intertwined with the Aroma of Classic French Perfumery gives birth to one-of-a-kind pieces of long lasting quality, individuality and irresistable charm.

Vetiver (Vetyver) oil, made from a grassy plant, native to India, Java and Haiti, gives this Art Parfum a cooling, soothing and fresh scent that will invigorate the senses.

 Like the woven vetiver root mats, hung in the doorways in India to cool and refreshen the circulating air on hot summer days, Le Vetiver of the La Roche' Collection, comes as a cool breeze to purify, cleanse and invigorate, clearing the mind and settles the soul. 

This Parfum is sweet, balsamic, floral, with the earthy, woody somewhat smoky base of vetiver. It is an old classic made anew, with topnotes of Orris and Rose, drenched in Sandalwood and sweet Musk, suitable for men and women alike. 
This scent is made from the higher quality vetiver of India, aged after distillation.

 This Vintage Vetiver oil gives the scent life and depth, and blends beautifully with the French Classics of Perfumery. 


For the ones that love the scents of the '70's, the individuals who prefer unique perfumes, and the ones that never tried a French Arabian Art Parfum...this scent is magnificent, uplifting and fresh... scent-sational quality now offered at an affordable price for all to enjoy

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