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Soul of Rose - Mukhallat Saif Al Hind - Amber Musk (3 x 1ml) Sample Set

Soul of Rose - Mukhallat Saif Al Hind - Amber Musk (3 x 1ml) Sample Set

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We are giving everybody the opportunity to sample our bestsellers in smaller quantities...for a limited time. We are offering Soul of Rose, Mukhallat Saif Al Hind and Amber Musk , three in 1, in a sample set.

Uniquely different, and intended for use on different occasions, these scents are some of our most popular fragrances, suitable for men and women.

Try them all now, in practical pocket sizes at a price for all to enjoy!

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Soul of Rose

Sweet and floral yet slightly herbaceous, earthy, warm, with a well defined woody base note of pure sandalwood, makes this such an appealing fragrance. "Ruh" in Arabic means the Soul, "Gul" in Farsi means flower and "ab" means water... This fragrance is worn by men and women alike in the Middle East and South East Asia. A truly aromatic essence that is intriguing and heartfelt...

Mukhallat Saif Al Hind

Pure Hindi Dhen Al Oudh, blended with subtle notes of Rose Taifi, Rich Amber, Spice of Zafron and drops of pure Musk.It is a sophisticated and mature fragrance and one of our favorites at Agarscents Bazaar. A perfect addition to anyone's perfume collection. Recommended for men and women.

Amber Musk

Warm, woody Amber infused in soothing Musk. A Fine Fragrance indeed, an Eastern jewel worn by men and women alike. It opens up with a hint of auspicious Floral Spice, envelopes into a wonderful deep Amber scent underscored and cradled in a base of Musk, creating Far Eastern splendor and ambiance. Try our Amber Musk and open up the gates to a far away land, to ancient trade caravans and souks of treasures...Recommend Unisex; mid afternoon to evening fragrances...creating a relaxing ambiance and encourages healthy interaction

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