Attar Rayhan India 1ml Sample Trial Size

Attar Rayhan India 1ml Sample Trial Size

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One of the favorite herbal floral scents of the Middle East - the fragrant Sweet Basil. Soothing, cooling and calming, yet so spring time fresh, almost fruity. Basil oil has been called the "Royal Oil" for strengthening the mind and heart, and to ward off infectious diseases.

Within Ayurvedic Medicine it is used to sharpen the mind and enhance memory as well as to treat chest colds and other respiratory diseases. Besides being most beneficial for the common ailments, such as anxiety, insect bites, flu and fever it was known in the 16th century as an aphrodisiac and the herb was commonly worn by women in Europe to attract suitors.

The sweetly spiced and fresh top note with a woody and full bodied balsamic base note makes Attar Rayhan both invigorating and uplifting, yet soothing and mind strengthening. Wearing this fragrance will help to bring contentment and satisfaction by restoring balance and peace to the rampaging mind.

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