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Russian Black Leather Natural Solid Perfume Spray 7 ml

Russian Black Leather Natural Solid Perfume Spray 7 ml

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Accompaniment to our French Arabian Art Parfum, masterfully composed signature scents by Sharif LaRoche, Perfumer par excellence...we are offering Solide Parfum Naturel - exquisite, highly concentrated fragrances of depth and sophistication.

These scent-sational Eastern essences are exclusive of the LaRoche Collection of Art Parfums, Ancient scents brought out into the present. Richer in scent and texture than Eau de Parfum, carefully composed as Natural Parfum Sprays with a high content of pure oil base, these treasured scents will be lingering on your skin, leaving a most scent-sational soothing ambiance of complete olfactory pleasure. High quality essence in a small package - exceptional value now offered at a most reasonable price in a Connoisseur's Collection of Scents.

The 'Signature' Collection of LaRoche Solide Parfums... intense, full bodied and refined luxuries.

The 'Signatures' are uniquely designed by Sharif LaRoche, intended to be ultimate scent-sations with a very high percentage of pure oil base. The authentic rich oil base gives the Signatures the strength and silage of Parfums, while remaining natural with a more 'attar' like texture and feel.



The scent of Russian leather recalls thoughts of prestige, virtue and authority - resilient military wear, durable boots and rugged garments. Known worldwide for its deep, characteristic and bold scent, due to the traditional treatment with birch tar in the tanning and dyeing process, it became a popular note in feminine fragrances at the beginning of the 1900's. Russian Black Leather by Sharif LaRoche is a revival of the famed leather scent, caressed in subtle notes of true deer musk, woods and smokey birch bark. A bold, masculine statement for the confident and strong of heart...


In the year of 1786, a Baltic ship sailing from St. Petersburg on course to Genoa, sunk outside of Great Britain at the Plymouth Sound. It was lost at sea for over 200 years, until 1973 when British divers located the sunken ship. Big bundles of cargo was found strewn over the ocean floor around the ship wreck. After inspection it was realized that the bundles were Russian reindeer leather hides, which had remained intact in the ocean for over two centuries! Robin Snelson, a leather worker, helped restore the hides back to their original shape. The extensive traditional curing with birch tar and oils mixed with black mud immersion had left the leather hides packed in a vacuum and almost waterproofed - and they were once again beaming in rich colors giving away their distinctly sweet and intense aroma. The word of the treasure spread, and Cleverly, one of the famous shoe houses of the time, bought the rights to the leather and sophisticated, fine handmade shoes were crafted of this legendary leather.

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