Cashmiri Black Natural Solid Perfume Spray 7 ml

Cashmiri Black Natural Solid Perfume Spray 7 ml

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Accompaniment to our French Arabian Art Parfum, masterfully composed signature scents by Sharif LaRoche, Perfumer par excellence...we are pleased to introduce Solide Parfum Naturel - exquisite, highly concentrated fragrances of depth and sophistication. These scent-sational Eastern essences are exclusive of the LaRoche Collection of Art Parfums, Ancient scents brought out into the present. Richer in scent and texture than Eau de Parfum, carefully composed as Natural Parfum Sprays with a high content of pure oil base, these treasured scents will be lingering on your skin, leaving a most scent-sational soothing ambiance of complete olfactory pleasure. High quality essence in a small package - exceptional value now offered at a most reasonable price in a Connoisseur's Collection of Scents.

Cashmiri Black... an enveloping, delicate and warm spicy essence, comforting like hot chai on a cool evening... This scent opens up with fine spicy floral notes of Saffron, Nutmeg and Black Pepper, followed by woody inlays of Ebony, Oakmoss and Myrrh of Punt. The woody base is accentuated with vanillic Amber and Patchouli, sparked with a hint of pure Kashmiri Kasthuri Musk, for an intoxicating, enchanting essence of sensual cashmere, of sophistication & elegance.


Dec 03, 2014

"What a deep, dark, spicy, earthy and BLACK fragrance this is. Even though they aren't listed in the notes, there's an olfactory illusion of anise and tobacco as well. It's both beautiful and very original; I've never smelled anything like it. Cashmiri Black is absolutely gorgeous and will surely be worn often this winter. I am, as always, a very happy and longtime customer of Agarscents Bazaar."

Mar 07, 2015

"I like this scent so much! It's complex, unique and long lasting."

Apr 26, 2015

"Love this scent so much! I can't get enough of Agarscents perfumes, this one is rich and incense-like, almost smoky and intensely spicy. Absolutely gorgeous, I'll definitely be coming back for more soon."

Apr 30, 2015

"Wonderful scents. Wrapped so carefully, amazing! Thank you for service and I sure will buy again."


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